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Monday, February 13, 2006

Finally, back to Edwards

Well, so much for best of intentions and blue moons! A new term is obviously not a blog friendly period.

To Edwards. Originally my interest in this passage was in Edwards’ (and many others) attempt(s) to use the words of Gamaliel in Acts 5.38-39 in order to produce certain responses in his own and nearby congregations. The contradiction of which Edwards is guilty was seen as just another example of the (mis)application of Scripture. Now, however, I am more interested in why Edwards does what he does. (The present tense seems more appropriate for Reception issues than the past, somehow). Why does a man like Edwards cite the words of an “unbelieving Jew” so positively? Why does he not notice that his advice fits so well into one context (the scoffers), but so badly into another (the prudent). Reception opens up so many more questions, and potentially this can lead into some extraordinary new and undeveloped areas of Biblical Studies. Anyone who studies the NT knows how cramped a discipline it is. But there is a whole new world out there to be explored. My aim in this blog is to begin to do just that. I hope to collect information about Reception issues from wherever they may be found, and develop some of my own ideas online as well. Let’s hope it works.


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