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Friday, March 31, 2006

The University of Bristol - Reception generally and a possible future MA in Biblical Reception

I said I’d say something about the University of Bristol and its attitude to reception issues. Like many institutions Bristol increasingly wants to focus on themes on cross-departmental lines. Five themes were recently suggested for Arts and Reception was one of them. The Classics and Ancient History department here has reception as perhaps its major focus and various people in History, English, and so on are also involved. (This widespread interest means the conference on Revelation will also involve someone from Historical Studies here, Anke Holdenried.) A Faculty lecturer in Reception (Ika Willis) has been appointed and the intention is to create a Faculty MA in Reception.

In my own department, interest in the theme has been developing and with the addition of Jo Carruthers in September 2005—she is writing the Esther commentary for the Blackwell series—it has blossomed to the extent that we are considering an MA in Biblical Reception, to run in 2007-08. Imagine having the opportunity to study how the Bible has been used/received in a variety of settings, with tutors who are specialists in Judaism, medieval history and theology, Systematics, Philosophy of Religion, English Literature, and so on. In my opinion, it is a great idea (and it wasn’t even my suggestion). I’ll say more as and when things progress further.


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