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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Book of Revelation and Effective History, 4-6th September 2006 - revised list of papers

As always with these things there were some changes in the titles of the papers offered here in Bristol. Here is the final list.

The Book of Revelation and Effective History, 4-6th September 2006

Introduction: Reception of Revelation: Chris Rowland

Session 1a: Jonathan Roberts (Oxford Brookes University), “Is writing Reception History like decoding the Book of Revelation as an impending apocalypse?”

Session 1b: Jo Carruthers (University of Bristol), “‘If any man shall add unto these things’ (Rev. 22.18): Christina Rossetti’s commentary on Revelation and the problem of interpretation.”

Session 1c: Alison Jack (University of Edinburgh), “Revelation, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: RL Stevenson’s Strange Case.”

Session 2a: James Harding (University of Otago, NZ), “The Risk of Knowledge: Echoes of the Book of Revelation in Eco’s The Name of the Rose.”

Session 2b: Melanie Wright (University of Cambridge), “‘Every eye will see him’: Revelation and Film.”

Session 3a: Anke Holdenried (University of Bristol), “Revelation: A Trajectory of Interpretation and Daniel Clasen’s De oraculis gentilium (1673).”

Session 3b: Simon Woodman (South Wales Baptist College), “‘The Plain Meaning of the Text’: A 17th Century Baptist Perspective on Revelation 20.1-7.”

Session 4a: Kenneth Newport (Liverpool Hope University College), “‘Be thou faithful unto death’ (cf. Rev 2.10): The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic (Self-)destruction.”

Session 4b: Michael Northcott (University of Edinburgh), “Pre-millennial Tensions: From the Fathers to the Brethren.”

Session 5a: Hanna Stenström (Uppsala universitet, Sweden), “Feminist Exegesis of Revelation: A Critique and a Proposal”

Session 5b: Jorunn Økland (University of Sheffield), “‘… and death shall be no more, nor grief, nor cry, nor distress:’ The Apocalypse and the Marxist dream of the classless society.”

Session 6a: Heikki Räisänen (University of Helsinki, Finland), “Revelation, Violence, and War: Glimpses of a Dark Side in the Effective History of the Book.”

Session 6b: John Lyons (University of Bristol), ‘The Apocalypse According to Johnny Cash: Gauging the ‘Effect’ of Revelation on a Contemporary Apocalyptic Writer.’

Reflection: Chris Rowland


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