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Friday, January 11, 2008

Oxford Seminars, Spring term

'The Bible in Art, Music and Literature' seminar series.

Hilary term 2008

Week 2 (21 Jan): Dr Eric Christianson, University of Chester, ‘Empathy with Qoheleth: An Insight from Film Theory to the Reception History of Ecclesiastes’

Week 4 (4 Feb): Dr Kevin Mills, University of Glamorgan, A Parable of Criticism

Week 6 (18 Feb): Dr Harriet Sonne de Torrens, University of Toronto, ‘Ecclesia and Fovea: Female Sexuality and Baptism in the Middle Ages’ (‘Biblical Women and their Afterlives' series funded by the AHRC)

Week 8 (3 Mar): Prof Miri Rubin, Queen Mary, University of London, ‘Mary: A Challenge to the (Medieval) Historian’ (‘Biblical Women and their Afterlives’ series funded by the AHRC)

Mondays: 5pm
The Danson Room, Trinity College

Convenors: Prof Chris Rowland (Queen’s) Dr Christine Joynes (Trinity)

Refreshments provided. ALL WELCOME.

Please also note the date of our forthcoming international conference:

'Biblical Women and their Afterlives: New Testament Characters' from 16-18th March 2008 at Trinity College, Oxford. Further details to follow soon.


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