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Friday, February 09, 2007

A more sensible regime!

Patrik Hagman, a Finnish theologian, follows Mike Bird and Jim West in putting his working day on-line. It is a much more sensible regime, the description of which he concludes with the words, 'People just work too much'. Significant for me is his emphasis on 'long lunches', described as 'one of my main sources of inspiration for work and life.' Damn right! Making time for inspiration is part of the job.

One of the first and best lessons I ever learnt as a student is that an hour is not a standard unit of time when doing this kind of work. You can slave all week at something and have it not work, and you can be inspired and produce something in a day. I tend to work 9-5 as a way of controlling my tendency to work all the time, but that is all it is - a matter of convenience. Working all hours may work for some people, but I don't find it a particularly attractive portrayal of academia, and I know that it would be bad for me. So right on, Patrik. I am with you, and not the Robobird!


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