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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A very different world to me!!

In one of his periodic 'boardings' Jim West has deemed Chris Heard dead to him. In response to a question in the comments, will you read Chris' Genesis commentary when it comes out, he writes: "I won’t bother with it because there’s no point. I only read people I like. As you get old, you see you value your time too much to bother with dreck."

At this point, I began to laugh. Not only do I find myself having to spend most of my time reading people I disagree with - after all, what else is an academic supposed to do? - I usually have to buy their books full price! I am still naffed off that, just as I was finishing my thesis, James Barr's The Concept of Biblical Theology: An Old Testament Perspective was published and I had to buy it at only a 20% discount!! Still hurts after all these years!!!

So, while I would never pronounce Jim dead to me (he's far too entertaining for that) I would definitely say he lives in a very different world to me. Perhaps to stress just how different and also just to annoy him a little bit, I might ask what form his daemon takes? :) (Suggestions on a postcard...)


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