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Friday, August 29, 2008

'An article I never thought I’d see...'

In a review of the most recent JSHJ, Chris Weimer (at least I think it is Chris Weimer) begins his discussion of my article on the prophet-hometown saying with the following words.

'An article I never thought I’d see is William John Lyons’ “A Prophet is Rejected in His Home Town (Mark 6.4 and Parallels): A Study in the Methodological (In)Consistency of the Jesus Seminar.” Therein he argues that the Jesus Seminar was wrong, and that the pericope should have stayed black.'

I am not sure exactly what he means by that, but then I always like to be surprising in some way shape or form. Perhaps the thinking behind the essay might be clearer if you know that it was originally written for Philip Davies - a methodologically interested, yet very playful scholar - and intended for his ill-fated Festschrift. Maybe not :)


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