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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comment on Pat McCullough's blog

In response to this.


You put it exactly right for me. Some see a PhD in terms of its use, while perhaps giving a bit of a nod to the difficulty of it translating into a job. But for me the number of PhDs being (over-)produced means that the main reason to do a PhD these days is because you will always regret not having done one. If your heart beats faster because of (a) meeting someone like Jewett, (b) going to a conference, or (c) reading something and going, "hey, what about...", well, that's it. You are hooked and might as well sign up wherever it leads. Sorry if that sounds too hedonistic, but it is really a case of know yourself well. Of course, most candidates will also go, "I know jobs aren't easy but someone has to do them." Arrogance makes the decision to do it that bit easier :)




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