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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is Ulrich Zwingli alive and well and living in Croydon?

I was reading an article about people who hate James Bond and came across this in the comments.

"Isn't the underlying silliness the key to it all? With that it portrays a day beyond our gritty ordinary lives, full of mortgages and the school run, showing us glamour, adventure, and escapism that otherwise we wouldn't have. Inherently it all has to be about entertainment, and let's face it, for all cinema verite is great, there are times when I want James Bond much more than "I am curious (yellow)". If the author is looking for a sombre, serious James Bond who is a true mirror of society then they're welcome to it."
Ulrich Zwingli, Croydon, UK

Now if Jim can tell us if the ideology and tone of this matches that of the original, we might have a real resurrection story to tell here! :)


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