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Friday, May 19, 2006

More RBL reviews

Some more reviews of reception related books on RBL

John Sandys-Wunsch, What Have They Done to the Bible?: A History of Modern Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Roger Tomes

Bob Ekblad, Reading the Bible with the Damned
Reviewed by Walter Dietrich
Reviewed by Thomas Kraus

Heidi J. Hornik, and Mikeal C. Parsons, Illuminating Luke: The Public Ministry of Christ in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Painting
Reviewed by Deborah Prince
Reviewed by Hendrik Stander

Not much blogging recently but the Jesus Seminar are nearly out of my life (again) and then it is on to Revelation and Reception. The AUT action means no marking (grading for our American friends) until it is all resolved. Things don't look good, but let's remain hopeful.


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