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Monday, April 07, 2008

Colloquium on Baptist Hermeneutics, January 2009

Sean Winter gives notice of an excellent development in the study of Baptist Hermeneutics, a Colloquium co-organised by Simon Woodman and Helen Reynolds.

The ‘plainly revealed’ Word of God? Baptist Hermeneutics in theory and practice.

Baptists have always been proud to declare their reliance on scripture. However in the light of the plethora of internationally renowned twentieth century British Baptist biblical scholars, there is surprising absence of overt reflection on the practice of Baptist hermeneutics. This colloquium will therefore provide an opportunity to explore the theory and practice of Baptist hermeneutics, consisting primarily of contributions from current British Baptist scholars, enhanced by insights from international participants. It is anticipated that an edited volume will arise from the colloquium, exploring both the distinctives of a Baptist approach to scripture, and the application of this approach to specific texts."

The list of currently confirmed participants, in addition to Woodman and Reynolds, is:

Paul Fiddes (Regent’s Park College, Oxford)

Sean Winter (Northern Baptist College, Manchester)

Simon Perry (Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London)

Mikeal Parsons (Baylor University)

Bill Bellinger (Baylor University)

Alan Culpepper (Mercer University)

Brian Brock (Aberdeen University) - Who will write a response chapter in the published volume

The proposed date for the colloquium is Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd January 2009.


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