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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

JSHJ 6 (2008)

Volume 6 of JSHJ is now available on-line. A fine line-up including yours truly. Notably, on p. 79 of the piece, a blog comment of Mark Goodacre is cited to good effect.

Editorial Foreword
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Webb, Robert L.

Did the Historical Jesus Prohibit All Oaths? Part 2
pp. 3-24(22)
Meier, John P.

Eyewitnesses and the Oral Jesus Tradition
pp. 85-105(21)
Author: Dunn, James D.G.

Morton Smith as M. Madiotes: Stephen Carlson's Attribution of Secret Mark to a Bald Swindler
pp. 106-125(20)
Authors: Pantuck, Allan J.; Brown, Scott G.

Book List
pp. 126-128(3)

Books Received
pp. 129-130(2)


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