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Saturday, November 01, 2008

William John Lyons

I knew this would catch up with me one day.

Like an idiot I published a couple of things early on as John Lyons. They were on Charismatic Hermeneutics, a former interest of mine. (Sorry NT, I am probably back sliding out of 'liberal' even as I write and you read, but they are on my CV and available from my university webpage to those poor souls trapped, sorry, involved in that form of Christianity so you can't say I have been hiding my past.) But when I cottoned onto the significance of publications for, say, getting a job, I started using my Sunday name, "William John Lyons". Simple fact is I have never used William and wouldn't respond if anyone ever did use it to address me. So I don't tend to use William J because that seems totally disconnected from me. Formally it is William John, informally, John.

But now you are all so bored that you don't care any more. Good, neither do I :)



At 9:21 am, Blogger N T Wrong said...

I'm just wondering why your surname is plural. Are there always two or more of you? Do you reject the singularity of personality? Are you a trinity? Why not simply Lyon?

When you use the apostrophe as a possessive, do you put it after the 's' in your surname, or do you put in another 's'?

Did you know there were 6 different terms for Lyon in Job 4.10-11, but the English translations can't get past 'Lyon'?

Or have I got the etymology of your surname wrong altogether? Are you from a stock of folk known for their mendacity?

At 1:23 pm, Blogger John Lyons said...

When I said you were bored, that wasn't an encouragement to seek further entertainment here :)

I do get addressed as Lyons pronounced as the french Lyon - it is good indicator I should put the phone down on whatever seller is on the other end of the line.

I hate puting the 's after my name and think it a largely fascist practice to insist moderns do so whereas ancients don't.

English - a crap and utilitarian and mean language, but God bless it!

My name apparently goes back to Ireland - to Scotland - to France. But apparently Ireland is where they all hang out (cf. Jim West and some Surname site he uncovered).

Can I go now, sir? :)


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