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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Seven deadly sins of blogging?

There is some discussion at the moment of the seven deadly sins of academic writing. I wonder what would be the equivalent in blogging?

1) 'Laziness'. I can't, for instance, be bothered to think up seven (or to tell you where the discussion about writing is taking place) so here are four 'sins' to be going on with.

2) 'Repeating news over and over and over again'. Did you take up blogging only to become part of closed self-referential group who only seem to read each other's stuff'? For goodness sake, most people can find discussions if they want to - you did! if you have nothing much to add, why not just let it go?

3) 'Getting guest scholars in to give their opinion'. Seriously. Don't mind the jokey ones, but what the hell is going on when people get eminent scholars to speak on a topic already spoken to death by other eminent scholars?

4) 'Becoming a part of the establishment'. Since when did advertising books that publishers have sent you become such an industry? Most publishers are nice people (until they change your title to something dumb and put a weird picture on the cover of your latest masterpiece - b*****ds). Do we really need to hear about your recent love affair with one of them (especially when they prefer you to us and don't send us books - b*****ds)?

5) 'Putting people down for absolutely no good reason'. Be humble. You don't know much, after all. Didn't your studies even teach you that!?!


7) Saying you are only going to do so much (e.g. have only four sins and not seven) and then going on long after you should have stopped!

8) Having no idea how to count, reason, or any of the other useful tools which most normal people possess, never mind the academically inclined.

9) Oops!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Bible in Art, Music and Literature, Centre for the Reception History of the Bible, Oxford

Centre for the Reception History of the Bible

The Bible in Art, Music and Literature

Trinity Term 2007

Week 2 (30 April) : Dr Michael F. Suarez, S.J. (University of Oxford & Fordham University), ‘An horrid heap of blasphemy’: British Political Satire and the Sacred Page

Week 4 (14 May) : Dr Margarita Stocker, Short Story, Maximal Imbroglio: Salome and John the Baptist (‘Biblical Women and their Afterlives’ series)

Week 6 (28 May) : Professor Jonathan Draper (Kwa-Zulu Natal University), A Zulu Reading of the Book of Revelation: The Case of George Khambule (1884-1949)

Week 8 (11 June) : Dr Martin O’Kane (University of Lampeter), Hussey seminar ‘The Bosom of Abraham’ (Lk. 16:22): Father Abraham in the Visual Imagination

Monday, 5.00pm
The Danson Room, Trinity College

Convenors: Professor Christopher Rowland (Queen’s) & Dr Christine Joynes (Trinity)


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