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Monday, November 17, 2008

The wait is nearly over.... Or is it?

Roland announces the nearly end of the first Quest for NT Wrong.

Much has been learned, some of it useful, most of it complete rubbish. Technology has proved less than conclusive, though no DNA has yet been tested and Roland has so far refused to let Her Majesty's GCHQ get involved.

All the speculation about the fullness of Wrong's humanity seems strangely familiar as does his tendency to appear all over the globe to diverse audiences, all of whom are beginning to develop their own mythologies about the good Bishop.

The use of logical arguments has been pretty flawless so far, but that surely can't last as we enter the final quarter of the game.... Oh sorry, went off topic there for a mo....bloody Crossley and his games.

And then we have the curse of NT Wrong. His name cannot be revealed because the death of the revealer will swiftly follow (Go on, Jim, tell us - you know you want to - it is a price I am willing for you to pay :)

Lyons, cunning type that he is, has laid a trap (but for whom?). Wrong has even more cunningly sprung said trap and now Lyons will be crushed by hoards of Wrong questers as he desperately tries to say one or two things about Johnny Cash in Boston. Or not. :)

Well, all very exciting and lots of material for the Second Quest which will begin when Lyons scrapes himself of the floor in Boston at precisely 6.28pm EST on Sunday 23rd November 2008 (Got to get your dates right for posterity, don't you know), and Chessie is left holding (and covetting big time) a single glass slipper, in which there is a single purple sock. With holes in it. And DNA.

Happy hunting, everybody!


At 8:57 am, Blogger Sean Winter said...

If this story runs on...will Bishop Wrong be the person who invents the title for the phase beyond the 2nd phase for the quest for himself?

At 10:54 pm, Blogger N T Wrong said...

On the allegations concerning my anus:
Jesus' Anus Is Key(-Hole) to the Incarnation.


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