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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bible for Sinners

A new book by Chris Rowland and Jonathan Roberts, The Bible for Sinners. The blurb on Amazon states:

"Product Description
In this book, two experts in biblical and literary studies offer a wide-ranging discussion of what is going on in different types of Christian interpretation. They consider examples from history, from literature, and from a range of contentious present-day situations. Rather than providing answers, the authors open out the fundamental interpretative questions raised by same-sex relationships, justice in society, religious heresy, and marriage and divorce.

The context and approach of the reader have been underestimated in Biblical Exegesis. The Biblical text is generally credited with an abstract quality that lifts its words above time and space, above mere human contingencies. This has made it monolithic - a stone on which countless individuals have been dashed to pieces. Yet this interpretation has been developed by interpreters who have institutional power, and who have been unaware that they are interpreting in the interests of those who have such power. This book looks at past and present interpretations, as well as how certain subjects have been understood within them, including homosexuality and marriage."

Anything these two have come up with together is worth investigating further, trust me!


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